small farm

Picking flowers at small farm

We're lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful farms. Our favorite ones to visit are Parlee Farms, Honey Pot Hill Orchards, Tougas Farm, and more recently, Applecrest Farm. This year we wanted to explore a few new ones and small farm was one of them. I was excited as soon as I saw "pick your own flowers" on their website.


The farm is located right off the road. It's really charming. Once we arrived, we were given a plastic container and a pair of scissors. We can fill as many flowers as we can fit into the container for only $7! Isn't that such a fun idea? I love this post about how they came up with it :)


Although we came later in the season, there were still plenty of flowers to pick. I felt like I was roaming around a field full of wildflowers. 


I love how whimsical the arrangements can be depending on the flowers that are available. I enjoyed having the time to let my creativity flow. This would be a great place to bring kids or have a fun outing with your friends. 


It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours and at the same time, support a small local farm. I can't wait to visit again next season! 


Visiting Tips:

1. Their season is listed as July to September but call first to make sure. It can be earlier or later depending on the weather. 

2. Honey Pot Hill Orchards is just a few minutes away if you have time for another stop.