Sweet Summer Days: A Visit to Applecrest Farm

Hi there! Remember me? I've been such a bad blogger. It has been quite a busy spring and summer. Now that things have settled down a bit, I can share what I've been up to :)


We love visiting nearby farms during the fall (hello apple cider donuts!) but this year we ventured out during the summer for peaches and blueberries. We headed out a bit late on a Sunday and, to our surprise, all of our favorite farms were only opened a half day that day. Luckily, James did a search and found Applecrest Farm


It was our first time picking blueberries and the task seemed daunting at first. How long will it take us to fill our container by picking each tiny blueberry one by one? James wasn't too excited about it. He was tempted to buy a pint at the farm's store instead. We started picking the blueberries and was amazed when we tasted them. They were floral and sweet - definitely the best blueberries I've ever had. 


James, who loves blueberries, was hooked at this point (and was no longer a party pooper). We were both happily picking the blueberries. When I looked to see how he was doing, all I saw was his purple-stained lips from eating so many! Needless to say, that lovely pint there was mostly my hard work. (I kept him busy by taking photos for me though hehe.)


We went to pick peaches next. They were so juicy and sweet. We picked a mix of white (my favorite!) and yellow ones. 


Funny Fact: I often frame the shots for James to give him an idea of what I'm looking for so he almost always has a similar photo like mine. He loves having these nice photos too! Wouldn't it be great if James starts an Instagram page with all of these pictures? :D


We ended the day by browsing through their little pick-your-own flower field. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We can't wait to visit again and also have a meal at their Farm Bistro which looks amazing. 


Visiting Tip: For pick-your-own, drive to the main entrance where the farm's store is located and purchase the bag/container at the register. Then get back into your car and drive a few minutes down the road to the actual orchard. The set up can be a bit confusing for first-timer.